EDIFICE- Construction Office

Project description

Project Overview

Location: Calicut, India
Project Type: Construction Office Interior Design

Design Elements that Define Excellence

  1. Reception Area: The first impression matters. Our design journey begins with a reception area that embodies warmth and professionalism. Chic furnishings, tasteful decor, and strategic lighting welcome visitors with an inviting charm.

  2. Visitors Lounge: Comfort and style converge in the visitors lounge. Plush seating, contemporary accents, and a thoughtfully designed layout create an ambiance conducive to discussions and collaboration.

  3. MD Cabin: The Managing Director's cabin is a statement of authority and sophistication. Modern lines, premium finishes, and an ergonomic layout make it a space where leadership meets luxury.

  4. Workspaces: Efficiency is at the core of our design. Workspaces are optimized for productivity, offering ergonomic seating, organized storage, and well-lit environments that promote creativity.

Modern Design Elegance

Our design style for this project is distinctly modern. Clean lines, a neutral color palette, and minimalist aesthetics define the space. The result is an environment that exudes professionalism while embracing contemporary design sensibilities.


In Calicut, ARCHMOJO has once again redefined interior design, turning a construction office into a sanctuary of modern elegance. Our commitment to functionality and aesthetics shines through in every corner of this project, exemplifying our dedication to crafting spaces that inspire.

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